AI and machine learning are taking industries by storm, arming them with advanced predictive and state-of-the-art decision-making capabilities.We move beyond horizontal scaling. We optimize the database; scale messaging; move to component- based design; use caching effectively; introduce automation to help you manage your rapidly expanding user base.We build Customized Solutions for your business to achieve defined business objectives. AI can be used to solve problems like helping business to increase sales, improver customer experience, automate work process and provide predictive analytics.

Business Analysis

Leverage our DevOps consulting services to accelerate time-to-market of your software. We cater to complete DevOps assessment, DevOps automation and DevOps management.

Data Gathering

Our IT and software infrastructure automation services assist enterprises to accelerate their IT operations to reached the pinnacle of success in their IT and software development operations.

Data Preparation

Avail an extensive arrangement of tools for faster issue determination and increased agility to leverage supreme quality of services. We have expertise to manage your lean operations.

Data Evaluation

Our DevOps team provides services & solutions with continuous integration and continuous delivery services to safely build, test and release quality code using a variety of tools.


We empower IT operations with cloud- and vendor- agnostic infrastructure monitoring and management. We pre-empt hurdles before they occur; maintaining 100% systems performance.


PixelCrayons is offering DevOps as a service and owning this expertise to provide comprehensive DevOps software development services like planning and strategy execution.

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