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A Synergistic Success Story

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A Synergistic Success Story: Gov2Biz and Alyssum's Manpower & Technology Consulting Services

Gov2Biz and Alyssum's Manpower & Technology Consulting Services

We pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive Manpower & Technology Consulting services to empower businesses in achieving their goals. Our successful partnership with Gov2Biz, a subsidiary of Y&L Consulting, exemplifies our commitment to providing top-notch talent and expertise to drive business success.


Gov2Biz, a company dedicated to delivering innovative technology solutions to government entities, faced several challenges
As their projects expanded, Gov2Biz required skilled .NET developers with expertise in building robust applications.
To improve development and deployment processes, Gov2Biz sought expert guidance in implementing DevOps practices.


Alyssum responded to Gov2Biz’s challenges with a tailored solution that combined our expertise in talent acquisition and DevOps implementation

Manpower Provision

Alyssum provided a team of highly skilled .NET developers to augment Gov2Biz’s workforce, ensuring that the company had the talent needed to meet project demands.

DevOps Implementation

Our team of DevOps experts collaborated closely with Gov2Biz to streamline development, testing, and deployment processes, resulting in improved efficiency and project timelines.


The partnership between Gov2Biz and Alyssum has delivered exceptional results

Efficient Development Process

DevOps implementation transformed Gov2Biz’s development process, reducing manual errors and streamlining software delivery.

Enhanced Product Quality

The expertise of Alyssum’s .NET developers led to the creation of high-quality, robust applications, ensuring client satisfaction.

Accelerated Project Delivery

With access to Alyssum’s .NET developers, Gov2Biz significantly increased its development capacity, reducing project delivery times.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

The combined efforts of Gov2Biz and Alyssum have resulted in satisfied government clients, fostering long-term relationships.

Cost Optimization

The collaboration with Alyssum allowed Gov2Biz to scale its workforce up and down as needed, optimizing costs and resources.


The success story of Gov2Biz and Alyssum’s Manpower & Technology Consulting services exemplifies our dedication to assisting businesses in overcoming challenges and achieving their goals. Through our manpower provisioning and DevOps expertise, we have empowered Gov2Biz to accelerate project delivery, enhance product quality, and streamline development processes.

Our collaboration has not only optimized costs but has also increased customer satisfaction, further solidifying our partnership. We look forward to continuing to support Gov2Biz in its journey to provide innovative technology solutions to government entities and contribute to their continued success.